Harrahs Cherokee Casino Sued for Racial Discrimination

Harrah's Cherokee Casino was sued by one former employee for racial discrimination.

Edward Yashenko from Jackson County had filed a lawsuit against the Harrah's Cherokee Casino.

According to the lawsuit of Yashenko, the incident happened in 2003, when the casino had combined his job as manager of employee relations to another job while he was out for twelve weeks of unpaid sick leave.

The casino had given the position to another individual that is a member of Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

Yashenko added that he was fired when he returned to work.

Yashenko alleged that the Harrah's Cherokee Casino has violated the law and asked the law to allow him a Class Action lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims that hundreds of employees were terminated from their work due to non membership in the Eastern Band of Cherokee tribe.

This is the second time that Yashenko has filed a complaint against his former employer.

He also filed a lawsuit in 2003, claiming his termination on the job after taking the unpaid sick leave is against the federal Family and Medical Leave Act.

The 2003 lawsuit against the Harrah's Cherokee casino was initially filed in Jackson County. but later move to a federal court.